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Iberostar Pinos Park, Font de Sa Cala, Majorca Island, Spain (Overall Assessment: 5 Stars)

The food is excellent, the location just perfect and the views to the ocean are breathtaking. The Iberostar Pinos Park Hotel is a paradise for kids

Mallorca also known as Majorca iѕ a vеrу рорulаr holiday destination due tо itѕ large numbеr оf bеасhеѕ, wаrm wеаthеr аnd fасilitiеѕ fоr tоuriѕtѕ. It hаѕ a Mеditеrrаnеаn сlimаtе соnѕiѕting оf hоt аnd bright ѕummеrѕ аѕ wеll аѕ mild and ѕtоrmу wintеrѕ. If you are соnѕidеring a vacation to rеlаx аnd tour еxсiting places, Mаllоrса iѕ the рlасе to bе. Thе rеѕidеntѕ оf Mаjоrса аrе tурiсаllу vеrу friеndlу and hеlрful to tоuriѕts. Thе сulturе of thе island iѕ a vеrу аrtiѕtiс аnd social оnе. Thе island hаѕ a bit of a раrtу fееl with аll thе асtivitiеѕ gоing оn. Fооd iѕ vеrу important to thе Mаjоrсаnѕ аnd thеrе iѕ аn abundance оf restaurants and bаrѕ асrоѕѕ the island.

OVERALL ASSESSMENT ***** The Iberostar Pinos Park is a paradise for kids of all ages. Its location in Font de Sa Cala is very unique. The beach is beautiful, the food is excellent, and the staff is very friendly (especially the kitchen staff). The hotel rooms are well furnished though the beds could be better (they do move). If you cannot deal with seclusion and not-so-happy German guests, avoid this hotel. The German guests we met at this hotel were some of the weirdest we met on vacation. A lot did not respond when you did great them on a walk. The lady selling the tour tickets confirmed our sentiments with several stories. For instance, how two German guests engaged in a physical altercation just because both each felt they were first in line to buy a ticket. We confronted one guest bitterly after she passed by our table and made nasty comments about my 11-month old baby girl. She was naive enough to assume we were from England and did not speak German. After ignoring her for a while, we couldn't let it pass. The Managers responded calmly, and one manager engaged us in a conversation later. The managers and workers at this hotel are very professional. The kitchen staff is amiable and jovial. They seemed to be enjoying life more than the holidaymakers themselves.

The Iberostar Pinos Park Hotel is situated on a beautiful bay with stunning views of the turquoise-colored seawater. A nice big sandy beach is just a 5-minute walk away. For those who like it quieter, another little sandy beach is just 100 meters in the other direction. For beach lovers, the location is fabulous. One downside worth mentioning is that the beach chairs cost almost 16 Euros per day. Moreover, during our stay at the Iberostar, the beach was not cleaned at all (even after a stormy night).

FOOD *****
There is a good variety of delicious meals to choose from, such as grilled chicken, fish, pizza, pasta, vegetables, Seafood, fries, chicken nuggets, and even spare ribs. The choice is, however, limited compared to other hotels we’ve been to such as the Gloria Palace in Peurto Rico on the Canary island of Gran Canaria. The quality of the food is nevertheless excellent. The kitchen staff is extremely friendly, so be sure to be served with a smile every day. 

A few things that stand out: (1) The salad sauces are exceptional. (2) The highlight of the dessert is certainly the chocolate fountain. (3) Last but not least, breakfast is accompanied by an excellent variety of fresh fruit juices, flavored water as well as the many milk flavors to choose from such as chocolate and strawberry. The bread is also of great taste (fresh and crispy). Furthermore, the hotel offers you a great range of cereals, various healthy seeds and nuts are provided as well as fresh-cut fruits in all kinds.

The reception is unfortunately poor for a hotel of that caliber. The reception area is very small, and the waiting time upon arrival is approximately 30 minutes on average. This is inconvenient, especially when traveling with kids.

The hotel is a one-hour ride from the international airport in Majorca. Taxi fares vary from 70 to 100 Euros depending on the pickup location in Font de Sa Cala. Travel times with package holidays might be longer since the buses usually stop at neighboring resorts such as Cala Millor to drop other holidaymakers. Driving through Majorca's fantastic landscape is a unique experience.

If you like nightlife, strolling around in the evenings on a beach promenade with little shops this hotel might not be the best choice for you. There is not much to do in Font de Sa Cala, and the hotel is quite isolated. You will find a few tourist shops as well as 1 or 2 restaurants and bars, but that’s about it. However, close by is a little fishers village called Cala Ratjada, which defiantly a must-see. Cala Ratjada reminds us of Rethymnon in Greece and has more restaurants, bars and shops. Taxi fares from the Iberostar Pinos Park to Cala Ratjada fall between 8 and10 Euros. A cheaper variant is the mini train for 5 Euros per person for a round trip.

The Pool area is big enough for a hotel of its size. There is also a children's pool available.

The Font de Sa Cala beach is beautiful. Views of the beach from the Iberostar Pinos Park Hotel are simply breathtaking. In our opinion, this is the attribute that makes this hotel very unique. Imagine taking walks after dinner while gazing at the evening sun slowly overlap with the turquoise-colored seawater. You've got the smell of fresh seawater and the sounds of calm winds and sea waves. These, coupled with the little birds flying above the sea and into the beautiful trees, create a pleasing sentiment that is so unique to this hotel. The beach chairs are very expensive (16 euros per chair). Moreover, during our stay there, the beach was not cleaned at all. The beach does not belong to the hotel; therefore, this is not the hotel's responsibility.

The hotel offers two main tours. The first is the Jungle Boat Glass Bottom, and the second is the Glass Bottom Catamaran. Both tours are great, but we do recommend the latter.

Beware that this is a kids hotel, so 80% of the entertainment is centered around kids.