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Our Travel Philosophy

What is life? It is an incessant thrill! An amalgam of memoirs! The smell of blue waters on a hot sunny day on the Greek Island of Crete. A glimpse of the stunning bay of Kotor in Montenegro. It is the faith in Santa on a magnificent snowy December night. Just like the pot of Gold at the rainbow’s end— hope to an Englishman’s curse of rain. You live in a moment, as if you took the Indian Ocean at Bali, the Indonesian island, pulled out indecent waves and slid them on calm winds! Life is the strive for love that is at the core of human existence. Love is a journey. It is diverse but is not an enigma. It is the beautiful faces, races, cultures, terrains and spotlights ranging from the mountainous miracles of Banff in Canada to the magical dunes of the Canary (Spanish) Island of Gran Canaria and the wildlife of the Serengeti in Tanzania. The laughs of our kids on a lovely sandy beach mixed with the harmless sounds of roaring waves—a thousand worries and miles away from home. This is our thrill-seeking! Join us in exploring the world.

Deborah Weyih

Owns more than 100 Joyce Meyer ebooks and Greece is her favorite travel destination! Primary love languages are Quality Time Together and Physical Touch.

Jesse Weyih

Nicknames: "Booboos," "le Comte St. Germain." Loves Paw Patrol, Cars, Airplanes and riding the waves. Always eating and hugging! Primary love language is Physical Touch.

Chelsea Weyih

Nickname: "Sassenach." Loves to go on a walk in the baby carrier. Always eating and enjoys a nice warm bath before bed! Primary love language is Quality Time Together.

Sebastian Weyih

Pursuing a PhD in economics. Loves intellectual fulfilment and is highly interested in Psychology. Primary love languages are Quality Time Together and Physical Touch.

Jamie Weyih

We welcomed Jamie love into this world on 10.10.2019. We nicknamed him Zion (victory). After already naming him love, he arrived in a heart-shaped placenta. He sleeps all day and cries all night!


After only helping us for two days, we knew "golden slippers had found the perfect foot." We decided to make Gilda a permanent member of our family. Gilda is just amazing. Thank you!