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Deborah Weyih

Nickname "maspalomas." Owns more than 100 Joyce Meyer ebooks and Greece is her favorite travel destination! Loves good food and exploring cultures. Primary love languages are Quality Time Together and Physical Touch.                                                                                                                                     

Sebastian Weyih

Nickname "papa weyih." Completing a PhD in economics. Loves intellectual fulfilment and is interested in Psychology. Dreams of becoming a licensed marriage counsellor. Primary love languages are Quality Time Together and Physical Touch.                                                                                                                                  

Jesse Weyih

Nicknames: "Booboos" and "le Comte St. Germain." Loves travel, beaches, cars, airplanes and riding the waves. Dreams of becoming a pilot, fireman or a policeman. Always hugging! Primary love language is Physical Touch.                                                                                                                                         

Chelsea Weyih

Nicknames: "Sassenach" and "Charme."  Favorite character in a show is Elsa. Loves singing, dancing, travel and sandy beaches. Best part of her day is to spend time in mama & dada's room. Primary love language is Quality Time Together.

Jamie Weyih

Nickname "Drama boy." Favorite place is McDonald's. Loves food, food and food. A leader character, always taking care of his elder siblings. After already naming him love, he arrived in a heart-shaped placenta. Love language is Acts of Service.

Cassie Weyih

Cassie = Prophetes (Greek mythology), Victoria = Victory (Roman mythology), Grace = Beauty and Joy (Greek mythology). Cassie has been a true blessing. The most amazing baby: Hardly cries and is always smiling.