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The Art of Punting: Discover Cambridge and its magnificent architectural wonders in pictures

Situated 50 miles north of London, Cambridge is a quaint university town that is home to one of the world’s foremost higher education institutions. Cambridge is a town filled with historic buildings and fascinating architecture that dates back centuries. The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209, and a walk around its grounds gives visitors the chance to take in the history of its buildings. Not only is Cambridge famous for its university and architecture, but the area in which the town was built was significant during the Roman and Viking ages. Families can find a range of amazing sights to see in Cambridge and there is a good chance it will all be educational.

PUNTING IN CAMBRIDGE: Punting was introduced to Cambridge between 1902–1904, Cambridge hosts more punts that anywhere else in England. We recommend the traditional punt tour which will take through a historical overview of the city. The River Cam goes through the heart of Cambridge and passes close to many attractive college buildings. Further upstream, the river enters some particularly beautiful and tranquil countryside as it approaches the village of Grantchester.

FOOD: Streetfood has become very popular in Cambridge in the last 10 years. The city organises streetfood parks allowing foodies to congregate in one central area to chow down on delicious locally crafted foods. Family travellers can find everything under the sun from pizza to veggie burgers at the streetfood parks. They are perfect destinations to sample local delights and everyone in the family can find something to eat; even if they are picky. The streetfood parks rotate, but families can find out where they are located via the group’s website. There is also the Night Market which runs during the year. Travellers can join locals in Market Square where food and drink stalls are stationed and a large film screen is erected. Family films are regularly shown during the night market.

PETERHOUSE COLLEGE: Families looking for historic buildings will find them at Peterhouse College. It is the oldest of Cambridge’s colleges having been created in 1294. Visitors can take a walk around the Old Court and find buildings dating back to the 1200s. It is a brilliant piece of history and famous former students of the college include Cardinal Beaufort, chemist Henry Cavendish, and poet Thomas Gray.

KINGS COLLEGE & KINGS COLLEGE CHAPPELKing's College of Our Lady and Saint Nicholas in Cambridge was founded in 1441 by Henry VI. You should also visit King's College Chapel. Both the college and chapel testify to impressive architecture.


CYCLING CAMBRIDGE: Cambridge is an easy town to cycle as it boasts 80 miles of paths. The town’s cycle network is extensive and the terrain is flat, making cycling around the city easy to do. It isn’t just a great way to get around, but cycling offers a unique way to see famous landmarks and to see the countryside.




THE FITZWILLIAM MUSEUM: Cambridge hosts several Museums. The Fitzwilliam Museum, for instance, is Cambridge’s most well-known gallery. It is a must-visit for families on a Cambridge adventure holiday. The outside of the Fitzwilliam is beautiful and is a must-see in itself. Inside visitors will find the museum’s collection of poetry, China, Roman and Egyptian historical pieces, and illuminated manuscripts. Visitors will also find artwork from legendary artists in the Fitzwilliam’s gallery. Families will not only find an amazing assortment of historical items and artwork, but it is a chance to learn on a travel adventure. The Fitzwilliam is free to get into and it is a beloved destination for travelers and locals alike.

NATIONAL HORSE RACING MUSEUM: Horse racing is one of the most popular and oldest sports in England and families can explore the history of the sport of kings at the National Horse Racing Museum. Situated just a few miles outside of Cambridge, family travelers can find the museum in the town of Newmarket. The town has been a mecca for horse racing in England for years and its famous racetrack is nearby. Families can take in a race after a trip around the museum or even visit some of the stables. Family travelers will find exhibits and information on the history of horse racing in the museum along with a collection of artworks and memorabilia relating to the sport.

BOTANICAL GARDENS: The Cambridge Botanical Gardens are part of the university and receives nearly 300,000 visitors per year. Not only is it a top-rated destination for plant and gardening experts, but the Botanical Gardens are a scientific facility offering Cambridge students the chance to study unique organisms. Founded in 1831, visitors will find historic architecture along with one of a kind plants. It combines beauty and nature together into one outstanding family travel destination.

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